10 Reasons Why Aam Aadmi Party should Win Delhi Election! (Source Grabhouse)

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Aam Aadmi Party acted as a wave of hope and opportunity for the entire country at a time when people were tired and frustrated with the same old corrupt politics. After their stunning performance in the 2013 Assembly elections and forming a minority government, Arvind Kejriwal went on to become the second-youngest Chief Minister of New Delhi. However, they were not able to live up to people’s expectations and hence the weak results in the 2014 General Elections. And now this time they have returned with a stronger will and determination to make the difference. As New Delhi gears up for the elections, here are 10 reasons why AAP should win these elections…
1. Changing The System:
The Aam Aadmi Party stands by its principal of working for the common man. Once in power, they would aim at a system that will work for the people and not the political parties. A system in which the common man will not remain unheard and the government will be accountable to the people and not just the higher officials.

2. Anti-corruption Movement:

Jan Lokpal Bill remains the most influential and effective method to battle the corruption in the country. While the previous government passed the Lokpal Bill, it could not competently fight the rampant corruption. Aam Aadmi Party promises to bring into enactment the stronger Jan Lokpal Bill which will bring under scrutiny all the public officials including the Prime Minister of the nation. While in power, they undertook fresh probe in Commonwealth Games’ street light project and financial irregularities in construction of Salimgarh Bypass. They also transferred 800 DJB employees.

3. Focus on Education:

With the plan to increase the state’s annual budget spending towards education, Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) is going to ensure accountability in the education system by providing financial autonomy. They understand the importance of teachers and hence are advocating for better salary package for the educators. The common man’s party will work towards making education a matter of right, ensuring superior quality education for all. Aam Aadmi Party promised quota for Delhi students in Delhi University colleges as promised. They also started infrastructure audit of government schools in order to ensure quality education.

4. Healthcare For All:

At a time when BJP has cut its healthcare budget focusing on large scale development, AAP has picked up the responsibility of citizen’s well-being. By increasing the budgetary allocation, they plan to fill the existing vacancies of doctors and paramedics, provide free immunization for infants, increase the number of beds and provide free ambulances across Delhi. Their focus continues to be on proving necessary aid to the people of the country. In order to guarantee better healthcare, AAP volunteers took regular rounds of government hospitals to take stock of facilities.

5. Social Justice:

AAP promises to strive for a nation where women are given equal rights in their social and family life. They wish to provide security, equality and justice to the women. AAP believes that in the present unequal world, it is important to implement the provisions so as to support the significant portion of the discriminated society
Arvind Kejriwal Aam Aadmi Party
Arvind Kejriwal at Aam Aadmi Party Campaign

6. Empowering the People:

They aim to change the fundamental working of the system by ensuring that the power to make decisions lies with the people. In order to form such a system the party will transfer the decision making power to the Gram Sabhas and Mohalla Sabhas.

7. Grass root Development:

The devolution of power to the lower level will allow the development at the grass root. The party intends to make sure that the people get what they want and deserve and cut the middle man functions and limit the scope of corruption.
8. Economy Growth:
AAP envisions an equitable and sustainable economy with transparent institutions which can be held accountable. AAP’s policies intend to fulfill every citizen’s needs and in the end provide robust economic growth.
9. Strengthening National Security:
The party will strive towards reducing the widespread corruption in the defence sector. AAP plans to prioritize the welfare of the armed forces by mutual co-operation at community as well as national level. They have always stated that they will continue to fight for not only the security of the nation against external forces but also from the ones existing within the country.
10. Secularism & Communal Harmony:
The diversity of India is its strength. AAP has shown no tolerance against the parties which intend to practice politics in the name of religion. They will ensure the much needed communal harmony in the country as they believe that the absence of any of the religions will result in an incomplete India.
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