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Sambhal News :

Five Questions Aamir Khan Answered About PK.
Reporter: You stole money from a Hindu Temple, but not a ‘chadar’ from mosque/tomb?
Aamir Khan: It is the money that people need to survive in this world, not the ‘chadar.’
Reporter: In a scene in the film, Lord Shiva was degraded. Why not the Prophet or Hussain of Islam?
AK: First of all, none of the Lord(s) were degraded. Secondly Muslims don’t use any picture or figure of their Prophet or Hussain (A.S). Therefore, you cannot impersonate them in any way.
Reporter: Posters of missing Lords and Ladies of Hinduism were displayed in the film. Why not the God of Muslims?
AK: I would reply to this question with the same answer. You cannot raise the question on Allah or His personality since Islam doesn’t show or use any picture of Him.
Reporter: The guy in the film was a Muslim while the girl was Hindu. The film ended up showing that Muslim or Pakistani men are not a fraud but loyal. Don’t you think that love story was a part of Jihad.
AK: Well, no. The ending of the film had a message that Muslims and Pakistanis are not who we think they are. They are loyal and dutiful instead. Previously, we have seen a Hindu boy and a Muslim girl in many movies, neither we protested against it nor you did. I guess you shouldn’t protest now either.
Reporter: We saw you chasing and targeting a Hindu Saint throughout the movie. Why not a Muslim cleric?
AK: None of the clerics in any Islamic society calls himself a messenger of God, or someone who can contact his God. Every cleric, no matter how senior he is, learns from the book of Allah, The Holy Quran, and preaches from it.
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