Construction dust now biggest health threat to Shaheen Bagh Okhla Residents

Shaheen Bagh : Construction dust has turned out to be one of the players contributing to alarming rise in air pollution. To get things addressed, the government has issued guidelines to builders across the city and many have been fined for flouting the law. But in Shaheen Bagh Jamia Nagar the story is completely with construction materials dumped on roadside with little action being taken against the violators. Private builders are involved in building constructions. After five floor, govt. has allowed six floor for tarrace owner. Due to this, builders has started six floor for new building constructions.    
It is well established fact that dust being generated from building sites causes a steep rise in Particulate Matter (PM) 10.

Ashwani Kumar, Secretary Member of the Environment Department at Delhi Government said, “Delhi Pollution Control Committee (DPCC) issues the Environment Clearance Certificate to construction industry…There are certain guidelines for construction sites, for instance - to cover the construction site with thin plastic sheets and to irrigate site in order to settle down dust particles timely.”

Environmentalists too are deeply upset with the prevailing conditions and said that people in Delhi are not able to inhale clean air. 
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