संभल में मदरसे के बच्चों ने ली गाय की रक्षा की सौगंध |

Sambhal News : In Deepa Sarai Sambhal, muslims ulema decides to take step in cow safety.  MIA Munabbrul Quran Madarsa (मआईए मुनब्बरुल कुरान मदरसा) arranged a seminar with BJP leaders for cow protection. Rajesh Singhal (District Cheif) says "it happens ist time when deepa sarai pepatpura muslims proceed for cow protection movement.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     
It is really a very good sign of hindu-muslim unity. We need to respect feelings of each others." Few Days Ago, a disaster happened in sambhal due cow's bite.  Sambhal is a historical palace , In the late 12th century  it was a capital of  'Prathvi Raaj Chauhan',  . It has 85% minority community. Sambhal 's Jama Masjid .built by a Mughal general, Mir Hindu Beg, in 1528. But peoples loves together and participate in festivals of each others.
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