Shafiq ur Rahman Barq Deepa Sarai Sambhal boycotted Vande Mataram

Sambhal Deepa Sarai News : Shafiqur Rahman barq is one of the tiger leader in the sambhal deepa sarai region. He was liked for his bold nature. Vande Matram.  Shafiqur Rahman Barq walks out of parliment boycotting Vande Mataram, He said he Will not sing the song in view of his religious belief. People of Deepa Sarai respects Barq Sahab and gives title as "Sher-e-Sambhal."
He opposed BJP and RSS ideology everytime. Mainly he did his politics for the development of turk cast. He is originally belong to deepa sarai.  His Grand Son Zia ur Rahman Barq is now a leader for sambhal Youth. Special community turk  has always favour of Barq Sahab. He was Member of Parliament of the 15th Lok Sabha of India. He holds a B.A degree from Agra University. By profession, he is a social worker & businessperson.  He had popular in 2013 by boycotting
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