Sambhal : Sambhal's World Famous Kawab

Sambhal's kawabs are famous all over the world. Specially Sambhal is known for its kawab. The special qualities of the kawab are that, these are soft & delicious. These are mixture of mince, papaya, spices and lentils.

A lot of kawab‘s shops are there. The street ‘Nakhasa’ is hub for Kawab’s shops.  But the shop in front of Sheikh Puttan kothi’s, is most famous as compare to others. So my advice to all whenever they would go to Sambhal atleast one time they should try kawab. Rudarpur’s kawab are also famous but the difference between Sambhal and Rudarpur’s kawab is that Sambhal’s kawab are very soft, no need to chew but Rudarpur’s kawab are hard and comparably roasted. But those people who had tasted kawab’s of both places, they shared their experience that Sambhal’s kawabs are tastier. So guys Eventually, you need to go to kawab city Sambhal for enjoying the kawab.
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