Sambhal : A City of Dreams have famous personalities

Sambhal is a city of dreams Mainly it is a historical city The Mughal emperor Babar had also ruled there in 1916. The city has total of 52 Sarais & 36 PURAS. One of the most popular Sarai of Sambhal is Deepa Sarai. It is the largest area as compared to other Sarai 
A lot of famous personalities Few popular 'personalities' who had lived in Deepa Sarai as Master Meraj Sahab, Munshi Ikhtyaar Sahab, Master Gaffar Sahab, Babu Irfan Hussain, Haji Fazley Sahab, Haji Sageer Sahab, late Munshi Ansaar Sahab & late Munshi Zulfikar Sahab. Munshi Ansar & Zulfikar were two brothers who originally belonged to Village Sisona Tehsil Bilari. Munshi Ansar Sahab had shifted to Sambhal after his marriage and Munshi Zulfiar Sahab came to Sambhal when his younger son Ashkar Husain was transferred in his Govt. Job

  Ashkar Husain has also got retirement from his job on 3lst  December 20l4. Ashkar Husain 's house is near to Big Wel Papatpura Deepa Sarai. He has two sons named as Jamshed Raza and Junaid Raza & A daughter named as Atiya Samreen. Now all are staying in New Delhi

One of the most important things about Deepa Sarai is that people are attached herewith strong love and trust. They are always ready to do anything else Special subclass of Muslims called 'Turk' 
                                                                                                                                          The total population of Deepa Sarai is approximately 2 lacs. It is a huge population of Turk people. Deepa Sarai has approximate 120 mosques and six big well. People of Deepa are interested in business as compare to job That's why most of the families of Deepa Sarai, have expected from their children that they will do business in life.
Some popular businesses are running at Sambhal as Coldstore businesses, Bhatta business, Tyre houses, agencies, restaurants, tea stall, retailer shops and others. So lots of people are involving there in such kind of businesses. Sambhal's jama masjid is one of the famous historical places in Sambhal. The special thing about Sambhal is that people want to gather at every moment for sharing their views and show love to talk to each others.  They have more care for others life as to own, like what they want? What is going in others life? What is going in their homes? Such type of questions arises in their mind. It’s not a bad thing but sometimes this habit creates problems there.  So finally we can say that the place has some good experiences and some bad. The peoples of there have some good qualities and some wrong. But the place will always unique, beautiful and historical. I always like it most!  

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