India is responsible for Peshawar school massacre : Hafeez Saeed

India’s one of the most wanted terrorists and mastermind of 26/11 Mumbai terror attacks, Hafiz Saeed, has blamed Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi for the massacre of children at Army Public School in Pakistan’s Peshawar and vowed revenge.
“The character of Modi is before you… It is in public domain what India is doing. The time has come to show the power of Islam and wipe out terrorism,” terrorist Saeed, responsible for killing 166 innocent people in Mumbai in 2008, said.
Saeed went on to say that consulates along Af-Pak border are safe heavens for terrorists and that militants are trained here to carry out such inhuman attacks against Pakistan.
“These are not consulates… Terrorists are taking shelters at these places,” Saeed, also the chief of banned terror outfit Jamaat-ud-Dawa (JuD), said.
Taliban gunmen stormed a school in Peshwar city on Tuesday killing more than 130 innocent children.
Meanwhile, intelligence reports have indicated that Saeed is planning to attack two unspecified hotels in the national Capital, New Delhi, and unspecified highways connecting Delhi and Agra.
Saeed, who has a USD 10 million US bounty on his head since 2012, moves freely in Pakistan, hold rallies and denounces India as a terrorist state. Earlier this month, the Pakistani government had arranged special trains to ferry his supporters from Islamabad to Lahore, a clear signal of his clout within the ruling establishment in the neighbouring country.
Saeed is a major irritant in the already strained relationship between India and Pakistan as New Delhi has expressed its resentment over his not being brought to book for the Mumbai attack.
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