After two days of Peshawar attack ! Pakistan released to Lakhvi

Sambhal News Breaking:

Just two days after Peshawar's massacre attack, Lashkar-e-Taiba commander Zakiur Rahman Lakhvi is released by a Pakistani court. People in India are shocked. Pakistan is faltering again. They didn’t learn their lesson.

Taliban killed 132 innocent defenseless children point blank, crushed their dreams in the most inhuman, barabaric manner in Peshawar. They snatched 166 innocent lives during similar attack in Mumbai in 2008. But it seems it isn't enough yet.

Condemning the Peshawar attack, when Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif said there can’t be any distinction between good and bad Taliban; “A terrorist is a terrorist, no matter where he belongs to,” we started to believe that finally this shameful act has jolted Pakistan out of deep slumber and that this was indeed a wakeup call.

But Pakistani court's decision to grant bail to Lakhvi says something else. It is in stark contrast to Nawaz Sharif's words.

For long, Pakistan has nurtured many militant groups to attack India fearing an existential threat and now that very self-destructive devil it created has turned back. But it seems Pakistan will never understand that terror as a state policy never works. The narrow-minded Taliban’s war on education, on women, on minorities has led to killing of countless children in Pakistan alone and there are more likely to be attacked in future. They have attacked the very fabric of tolerance.

But will the Pakistan leadership learn? No, because it is their habit to give martyrdom to those murdered. It is time Pakistan gets real angry, it is time its leaders boldly name Taliban and vow to eliminate all forms of terror residing on their country's soil and not look the other way. There is no more room for ambivalence. It is time to rid the region of this evil before it destroys the entire nation.

Unfortunately with Lakhvi's case, they seem to be backtracking on their pledge, thereby threatening to take the country deeper into darkness. Mr Sharif, all words, no action... again ?
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