Has Narendra Modi changed his ideology for Muslims ?

Open Views of Blogger About Narendra Modi: In this column, I am not trying to say that PM Modi has now become a hero for Muslims. Before becoming PM, Narendra Modi's personality was different. Narendra Modi changed his behavior for Muslim community. Before parliamentary election, Muslims were so scared from Modi side, they thought that Muslims would be treated badly if Modi became Prime Minister of India. For 2002 Gujarat riots, most of Muslims believed that as a CM, Modi's role was irresponsible in Gujarat riots. At that particular time, Modi image was one of the anti-Islamic leaders in India. The USA also suspended Modi’s visa For American visits. Other countries also blamed Modi for Gujarat riots. But in 2013 Modi has received clean chit from SIT (Special Investigation Team) of Supreme Court & high court. In 2014 US Court also dismissed the case against Modi for 2002 riots. But After winning parliamentary election & making PM, he changed his image among Muslims.

What He did for Muslims: -- He gave slogan to the nation “Sab ka Sath Aur Sabka Vikas”. This slogan unites India in one rope. After winning the parliamentary election, he tried to develop strong relations with neighboring countries like Pakistan, Bangladesh, Shri Lanka & Also tried to develop a good relation with the United State of America. He increased the fund to quality education in ‘Madarsa’ as well as passed the huge grant for foreign education for Minorities students & also for ‘Haj Yatra’. Narendra Modi says Govt believes only one religion as ‘India First’. At TV interviews, his several statements about Muslims have become popular just like as:--

‘Indian Muslims will always live for India & die for India’

‘If Muslims want to keep the Quran in one hand then I want to see the computer in their other hand’ 

‘When Muslims would come in my touch they will start to love me’

He also launched ‘Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan’ now it is a nationwide campaign. Modi says it is the responsibility of all 1.25 billion Indians (Hindu, Muslims, Sikhs, Christian & other religions) to join this campaign until to cleanup India properly.

Trying to develop relation with Pakistan: - After becoming Prime Minister, he invited Nawaz Shareef in his ‘Shapath Grahan’ program. Modi also conducted a dinner program for Nawaz Shareef in Gujarat. Nawaz  Shareef said to Modi he also wanted to make a strong relation with India according to Ex. PM Vaajpeyi expectation. He wants to resolve the Kashmir issue with the acceptance of both countries. We hope, Modi & Nawaz will make decisive agreement on Kashmir.

Critical Challenges in front of Narendra Modi:--   Time to time VHP, Shivsena, Bajrang Dal & other radical groups create major problem for Modi.  Sometimes they demand to build Nathuram Godsey’s temple & his statue in India. Ever they conduct religious controversial programs like ‘Ghar Vapsi’. BJP’s members of parliament also generate controversies by giving their ridiculous & hate statements like as ‘every Hindu woman must produce 4 kids’, ‘Love Jihad’, ‘Pure Hindu Rashtra’, ’Uniform Civil Dress’ and religious conversion programs. Nowadays, Amit Shah’s ‘Joomla’ statement has become popular on black money. Sometimes this type of issues generates problems & ‘divides n rule’ politics. I think PM Modi wants to clean himself from such type of controversial matters but these controversial leaders would always try to create difficulties for him. Narendra Modi needs to figure out how to keep adjustment between party leaders & nation. Recently, he was silent on these controversial statements. He does not want to get involved in such type of matters. As a conclusion, I can say that he changed his point of views & ideology for Muslims after becoming PM. 
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