Shami and his family Has tortured & cheated On Me, Claims Wife Hasin Jahan (Sahaspur UP)

Indian cricketer Mohammed Shami's wife, Hasin Jahan, has posted that the cricketer and his family tortured her whenever they went to his hometown Sahaspur (a distant village near Moradabad) in Uttar Pradesh.

"Yes, whenever I have gone to Sahaspur," Jahan told India Today & BBC on being asked whether Shami's family also tortured her.

"You can ask all the neighbours of his sahaspur house how they (Shami's family) behaved with me.

"I was silent because he has been asking for a divorce for two years. He has been torturing me, he tried everything to make me leave him," Jahan added.

Shami with his wife & brother
Shami with his wife & brother

The star fast bowler though has denied all the allegations made by Jahan against him on Wednesday.
On the other hand,

Indian pacer Mohammed Shami on Wednesday denied allegations of torturing his wife Hasain Jahan and having extra-marital affairs. He wrote on twitter.

"Hi. I'm Mohammad Shami.

"Ye jitna bhi news hamara personal life ke bare may chal raha hai, ye sab sarasar jhut hai, ye koi bahut bada humare khilap sajish hai or ye mujhe Badnam karne or mera game kharab karne ka kosis ki ja rahi hai," Shami posted the message on various social media platforms.

Married to Shami since 2014, Jahan reportedly claimed that the bowler is having several extra-marital affairs simultaneously.

Notably, the post, which was uploaded from an unverified account, was titled as 'Shami's enjoyment' and had several pictures of the pacer's text messages to multiple women. Hasin Said, "He is a real playboy".

However, the Facebook account of Hasin Jahan has been deactivated now.

Early Life of Mohd. Shami

Shami’s journey began in the muddy fields of Sahaspur, a distant village near Moradabad. Till he came into the scene, Sahaspur was more famous for its sugar-mills. Sahaspur never dreamed that she would produce a success story sweeter than any sugar she had produced — that of a thin and shy young boy who had already made a name known for bowling fast.

Mohd Shami with (late)Tausif Ali & brother Haseeb
Mohd Shami with (late)Tausif Ali & brother Haseeb

The son of Touseef Ahmed, also a fast bowler in his young days, Shami inherited the skills of bowling fast from his father and uncle. Though neither Touseef nor his brother played cricket at higher levels, they were renowned for their bowling abilities.
Touseef made up his mind when he came to know about his son’s abilities: this talent needed to be nurtured. A sufferer himself, he knew that playing tennis ball cricket at Sahaspur would not help his cause at all. Touseef took his 15 year old son to Badurddin, a cricket coach in Moradabad, almost 22 kilometres away from Sahaspur.

 Badruddin recalled those days in an exclusive chat with CricketCountry: “When I first saw him [Shami] bowling at the nets as a 15-year-old kid, I knew this boy is not ordinary. So I decided to train him. For one year I prepared him for the UP trials, as we don’t have club cricket over here. He was very co-operative, very regular and very hard working. He never took a day off from training. During the under 19 trials he bowled really well, but due to politics, he missed out on selection. They asked me to bring him next year, but at that moment I didn’t want Shami to miss one year. So I advised his parents to send him to Kolkata.” (Source India Today)

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