हसीन जहान को लेकर मुमताज़ तांगे वाले का सनसनी खेज खुलासा !

These days, where the whole country can live with Mia Biwi's fights. Shami's neighbor, Mumtaz Tange, has revealed one about Haseen Jahan. Mumtaz is just 500 meters away from Shami's house! Mumtaz says that it is a matter of understanding that the dispute has increased so much! Mumtaz explains that when Shami and Hassin Sahaspur (the native village of Shami) had come in the past, their hut was lying in the road, seeing whom Haseen had come to meet him and promised to build his house!
Mumtaz says that this surety room is only for Haseen Jahan ! He tells Haseen Jhan a nice, kind and helpful lady! But these days the work of her house has also stopped due to husband wife controversy! They pray that soon both of them will be one again! Mumtaz further says that he is praying for the safety of this couple!
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