Finally Shatrughan Sinha Left BJP

Hours after announcing his decision to join Congress, actor-politician Shatrughan Sinha tweeted that he is "painfully on the way out of BJP". "But hopefully in the best direction under the dynamic leadership of my dear friend Lalu Yadav and the desirable, most talked about leader from the Nehru-Gandhi family," he added.

Bharatiya Janata Party MP Shatrughan Sinha on Saturday lashed out at the party after he was denied a ticket from his constituency, Patna Sahib in Bihar. Sinha said he was “capable of paying back”.

“What you [and] your people have done with me, is still tolerable,” he tweeted. “I’m able [and] capable of answering your people back in the same coin. Remember Newton’s third law...every action has an equal and opposite reaction. And I am capable of paying back...”

Sinha also criticised the party for denying a ticket to senior leader LK Advani. “Sirji, instead of playing Rafale Baba [and] Chalis [forty] Chowkidar, which has already fallen flat on its face, it’s high time [and] right time to take some corrective measures (if you still can) [and] go for damage control soon, sooner the better,” he tweeted. Sinha said it was “worrisome, painful and shameful” and blamed the party “orchestrating the departure” of Advani.

The Congress on Tuesday mocked the BJP’s #MainBhiChowkidar campaign, claiming that “Modi baba and 40 thieves” have been duping the people of the country. “The truth is that Modi baba and 40 thieves want to fool the people once again by adding ‘chowkidar’ to their names,” the party had said.

On Thursday, BJP President Amit Shah was announced the candidate from Advani’s seat, Gandhinagar in Gujarat, on Thursday. “That too through the replacement of Mr. Advani by none other than the man who is also the president of the party but whose image or personality is no match nor a patch on him,” Sinha tweeted. “This has been done deliberately [and] intentionally [and] hasn’t gone down well with the people of the country.”

Sinha claimed the party had done the same to leaders Yashwant Sinha, Arun Shourie and Murli Manohar Joshi. “Nonetheless, people are watching at this hour, to give a befitting reply for all this that is being done by the one man show [and] 2 men army company. Long Live Shri. Advaniji! Jai Hind!” he said.

Shatrughan Sinha has repeatedly criticised Prime Minister Narendra Modi and party president Amit Shah in the past few months. He has also made appearances at public functions organised by Opposition leaders, including at a rally organised by West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee.

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