Mulayam Singh Yadav & his Son Akhilesh Singh Yadav
 On the last day of Parliament session Hon- ourable Mulayam Singh Yadav, in addition to some formal and few informal sentences, blessed Manniye Modi ji the P.M.  to become again our P.M.  Listenning this one blessing, like many others I also became astonished and surprised. As well as personal relations among political leaders they are almost well wisher of one another. And this is the reason that their quite personal works hardly suffer. Apparently belonging to opposite parties they take help privately in their private affairs.

Although Mr. Mulayam Singh is also an opportunist because he had taken Manniye Kalyan Singh in his party once. He has been associated with Mr. Amar Singh for a long period. At least once, giving some instructions to his son H. Akhilesh Yadav, He had told him " ADVANI JI NEVER TELL A LIE" While in my opinion neither Advani ji nor late A. B. Bajpai sb was an exception in mentioning the truth. Mr. Advani raised many hues and cries in the decade of 1990.

He has been saying, from that period till date, that Lord Ram was born on that particular spot of land where there was a member of BABRI MOSQUE. Such statements r given with such confidence as if Mr. Advani was standing there from earlier when Lord Rama was taking birth! On such pretenses and false pleas he carried a Rath Yatra throughout India as a result of it thousands of public, especially Muslims were killed and were destroyed, one may see such facts in the report of Justice Ramakrishna Commission. Let us leave this desire of Advani ji to become a prime minister99 of a big and welcoming country the chance of it was however snatched off by one of his pupils. I was emphasizing on Maulana Yadav. As it was a farewell function of a political leader not of a public servant who has no chance of returning back on the same chair. Mulayam Singh should have blessed Modi ji for his good health and for his good health as an etiquette.

As a matter of fact, whatever be the internal likes or dislikes for any leader. His endurable principle remained to stand against the RSS group. Though in few matters e.g. election of Bihar his hidden hand did doubtful deeds. Though his son Mr. Akhilesh Yadav has a good presence of mind and a clear vision about various castes and communities of India. Yet the question arises if he had keen desire to see either of his brothers to see sitting on the chair of  CHIEF MINISTER then why did he insist his brothers along with Honourable Azam Khan sb to help his son in becoming CM in the last regime? I want to say also that Azam Khan spoke boldly and clearly about blessings of being once again PM of India. Kindly excuse me for not typing properly this article due to sleep in my eyes!

Ashkar Husain
Retd. Librarian
Govt. Degree College, Sambhal
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