[11:23 AM, 5/1/2019] Daady: For a long period i was worried about 73 sects of Islam as general muslims say mostly. About them only Allah and his Rasool know well that if any sect or his propagator is quite perfect and ideal for Islamic society or there r shortcomings in every stream of islam. But it is certain that as many groups increase in a religion so much weakness  comes in its sťrength. If our prophet had said that there would be 73 firqas in my ummah and among them only one firqah would be alloted paradise ! It can be understood by another statement of our prophet, Although Allahtaala  has permitted to give divorce if a couple is unable to adjust with each other yet he considers the act of divorce one among worst acts ! Scholars of Quraan Majeed tell that Almighty God addressing momins i.e. true muslims has instructed in his pious book that don't be like previous ummatis who divided themselve and forgot instructions of their creator i.e. Almighty God, the biggest power of this universe. May my God forgive me if i overlook his order or desires of his messengers! It is easily possible because neither my knowledge of Islam nor English vocabulary and grammar is satisfactory. Here i want to mention name, knowledge and depth of his thinking. In my opinion he is a real scholar he has fear of God, he loves God  and his messenger in true sence. His full name is ENGINEER MOHAMMAD ALI MIRZA. He is a servant of an Engineering Dept. of government of Pakistan. He had tried to study in schools of different sects of Islam but could not complete a degree of Aalim/ Faazil so that he may be called a master of any sect. But he is not less than an Aalim or Faazil. One can be convinced if he consider that whether Ustaad Eesa Khan who prepared plan of Tajmahal was an Architect? Likewise famous Indian caves i.e. Ajanta and Ejanta were constructed by Degree Holders of any subject of Arts or Technology? If Hanging gardens wet of Babylon were result of any Landscape Engineer? If famous Physicians and Surgeons of ancient India viz CHARAK and SHUSRUT had  high degrees of Medicine and Surgery from a well known Institute of Medicine and Surgery? While in my opinion what original research work had been done by above mentioned scholers became fundamental work of many subjects.                                       

In fact i want to direct towards intelligence of the persons like Mohammad Ali Mirza. Besides confidence of knowledge he has a clear and loud voice. He don't abuse to any saint or maulvi of other sects. He simply agrees with any scholar of other religion or its sect if his mind coincide with his logic. He may differ with a scholar who is nearer to him. Please read him whenever you get time. Though he is not fully follower of any sect. He proclaims joyfully as under-

Na mey wahabi na mey Baabi,                                 
Mey hu muslim ilmi kitabi.

U may create a special desire to learn much from his treasury of religious as well as Scientific knowledge.

Ashkar Husain
Retd. Librarian
Govt. Degree College, Sambhal

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