फिसलती कलम से बायोग्राफी डाक्टर हफीज़ उर रहमान फलाही |

(सुमैय्या हफ़ीज़ की क़लम से )

Here I share my Father’s journey of his road to success.

To achieve any success in life there is a mountain of things that happen in the background and usually remain unknown. Learned by a handful of people similar is my Abbu’s story.
Dr. Hafeez Ur Rahman Falahi  (Islamic Scholar)

My father’s journey has been stony initially. Belonging to a thin financial background, he had to face a lot of difficulties in various forms. He had zero facilities; no means of communication and even paying for his school fee was a scuffle. He used to have a single meal a day to save money for school fees. Once he won a speech competition in the school and was awarded some prize money, with which he paid his school fees. I mean how tough it would have been for such a young boy to do something like this. Well, this did not break his enthusiasm. Nothing could stop him from achieving what he wanted because he knew if he compromised now will be hard to build a better future. His achievements are truly a result of his constant brave decisions.

My Dada (Late.Munshi Ansar Hussain from Sisona Village) who was also a teacher knew the importance of education. He was mainly inclined towards modern and Islamic education and wanted his children to study and make something out of them.

My father was a 9-year kid when he first left his home for studies. He completed middle school from Rampur where he stayed in a hostel and studied there for 4 years. He was the only student to complete the full course among the others who went along with him. Post that he went to Jamiatul Falah as there were hardly any good educational institutes at that time and it was one of the most recognized educational institutes in the country. He was known as a very bright student and is still remembered and respected as one of the exemplary alumni. Then for higher education, he went to Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi.  Apart from winning two gold medals for merit he also served as a Senior Cabinet Member of Jamia Students’ Union (JSU). He was active and led the successful strike when JMI was shut down due to some foul reasons. The successful strike resulted in the University to reopen.

He completed the post-graduation from Delhi University and again proved himself winning a gold medal for his academic performance. He was also the first person from Sambhal to enrol in any of these schools or colleges.  

I remember once my Dadi was telling me how my father after his graduation applied for a job in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and simultaneously for higher education in Madina University and Mohammed Ibn Saud Islamic University, Riyadh. He was selected in both mentioned institutions but had to choose one between job and studies. He asked my Dadi for a suggestion and she chose a job off studies because they needed strong financial support at that time. 

She said - “padhne wale tum ho aur padh to tum loge hi”.

Then as per his mother’s wish, he went to KSA and joined the Government Sector where he worked in the Ministry of Defense and later joined the Ministry of Economy and Planning under UN. In the early 1990s, he was recruited as a researcher in UNDP.

After he got settled there, he helped his family back home in the best way possible. Got married and then pursued his studies further and also completed his PhD from Lucknow University in a very short period while already taking care of 3 kids.

He excelled in everything and everywhere!

While working in KSA he simultaneously started investing in various properties back in India. He was one of the pioneers to invest in the lands of Shaheen Bagh (New Delhi). He coined the famous name of ‘Shaheen Bagh’ and is one of its main founders.

He was the Chief Patron and one of the founders of Taqwa International School, Riyadh which was the first school in Riyadh with CBSE as well as Islamic Education. When Dr Zakir Naik visited the school, he was highly impressed and complimented that it was even better than his school. He along with his friends also runs a big electrical equipment business in Riyadh by the name of Nubula.

While in India he is the owner of Kisan Bhatta, Ansar Chemicals, Hafeez Indane Agency etc.

He has also met and spent time with many famous public figures around the world. To name a few Ayatollah Khamenei - Iran’s spiritual leader, Necmettin Erbakan - Former Prime Minister of Turkey and mentor of Recep Tayyip Erdoğan (current president of Turkey), Ziaur Rehman - Former President of Bangladesh, Anwar Ibrahim - Former Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia with whom he stayed for 10 days in a training camp.

To name Abbu’s few qualities: He is a wonderful orator and since 1986 his video lectures are being published by various websites. He is a fluent speaker in 5 different languages. Even many Arabs get stupefied of his Arabic speaking skills. He has an immense love for reading and has a mini library established at his Riyadh home. He is a profound traveller and had been to several countries around the globe.

For 15 consecutive years, he was the Ameer of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind, KSA until he returned to India after 35+ years. People there adored him for his honesty and leadership qualities. He is a humble, down to earth, humorous, witty and a jovial personality who can settle with any age groups of people. So many youngsters have an enormous amount of love and respect for my Father and this is the reason that he is back to India. Many people still turn to him for his precious bits of advice.
What I believe and have seen is - someone who has seen struggles closely will strive harder to become successful because s/he knows the reality behind those ugly curtains of poverty.

When I thought of writing his story, I requested him to share a few important events of his life. At first, he was a little hesitant as there were so many heart-touching yet rewarding events/memories of his life (not all are mentioned here). As he went on to share, made all of us extremely emotional to know how much he has gone through at such a tender age. He is indeed a self-made man.


My Father’s journey portrays that nothing is impossible. Even if you have limited resources you can achieve anything. All you need is the will to do something.
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