(रमीज़ा सलमान की कलम से )   

         This piece is from the bottom of the heart of a beloved granddaughter of an amazing grandfather late Mr.Babu Irfan Hussain popularly known as 'Babuji' in Sambhal. He left this world for his heavenly abode on April 5, 2019. Hence all these words penned down hide numerous tears that I just gulp had to down while presenting you his life story.

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Late. Babu Irfan Hussain Profile Photo 2

   He was born in Sambhal to a moderate household and  was the eldest of the five sons of Mullah Maqsood  Hussain who was famous for his honesty among the   people of Sambhal irrespective of any caste or creed. He  owned a small shop of Commission Agent (आधात की   दुकान). Here, the grains were traded from nearby villages and sold in the town. It was later inherited by his five sons. 

 My grandfather being the eldest one took hold of everything at a very young age due to which he couldn't pay attention to his studies and had to drop out. Though he never learned mathematics his calculations and analytic skills were remarkable (I bet the best in the town). Let me give an example to validate it. Back in 2012, he had a brain hemorrhage which he survived by the grace of Almighty ALLAH. Post-surgery the doctor wanted to check if his brain was responding because half of his body was paralyzed. We handed him a stack of 100 rupee notes and he counted them accurately by his single hand without any glimpse. This left the doctor stunned. No doubt 'Experience is a great teacher'.

He worked along with his brothers day in and day out to established his very first project 'Ajeeb Cold Storage' in 1984 which was taken to greater heights by his younger brother late Mr.Habibur Rehman. He then expanded his business as years went by and established  Salman Sugar Mill, Parvez Rice Mill, Ice factory, Labib Tyre House, Menthol Factory, Steel factory, B.I.World Communication, Petrol Pump, Bilal Cold Storage and H.M.Global School. The sheer hard work and the unparalleled sense of unity among the five brothers made them renowned and revered businessmen of the town. Despite achieving so much, he didn't have even an ounce of pride in his heart. He modestly led his life with no-frills. The people of Sambhal acknowledged him because he treated every single human being with a lot of respect and dignity.

Babuji (Babu Irfan Hussain) was also popular for his decision-making ability. Therefore Sambhal's people often approached him for dispute resolution. Be it a family issue, marital issue or a property distribution in a family to name a few. He always was generous for needy people irrespective of the time they approached him for help.

  Once he was admitted to the hospital for a month. Hundreds of people visited the hospital and would fight with doctors to just have a glimpse of him. When I say hundreds I mean it. I am not bragging. Most of them had tears in their eyes while talking to him. It was overwhelming and I would just tell them 'Uncle aap royein ni please'. They would reply 'Beta, inhe theek hona padega. Adha Sambhal dua kr rha hai. Apke Dada ne hame tab sahara dia hai jab hamara koi b ni tha'.

He possessed the great habit of thanking the Almighty in every situation. Despite excruciating pain in his last days, his lips always uttered 'Allah tera shukr hai mere Maalik'. This brought tears to my eyes and made me incredibly proud that I inherit this amazing man's DNA. He always taught us to work hard, respect everyone equally, practise honesty at all costs and be patient.

If I could sum up his journey in two sentences I would say,

miTā de apnī hastī ko agar kuchh martaba chāhe

ki daana ḳhaak meñ mil kar gul-o-gulzār hotā hai !

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