(अशकार हुसैन की कलम से)

 It was a great dilemma for me that i had arrived at Sambhal at 5.30 p.m. from a ceremony  of Peepalsana but could not take part in last rites of Babu Irfan Sb which was arranged  to be  done after namaz of maghrib. Though my wife had reached his house at proper time when other ladies had to be gathered. I have been suffering from motion sickness and irregular sleep! It was an occasion of very much  sorrow and great loss for me.

Babu Irfan Husain Sambhal Moradabad
(Late) Babu Irfan Husain (Babu Ji)
Babuji had a grand personality and proprieter of various industries. But as far as i knew him or in the circumstances i saw him neither he was proudy nor frustated before his friends or companions. Ofcourse, he was an intelligent son of a painstaking & industrious man called in his mohalla as " Mullah Maqsood Husain Sb". 
Ashkar Husain
Ashkar Husain
Although he was my maternal uncle by two relations yet he gave equal respect and status to an ordinary person like me. In fact he has been my 'samdhi' for a short span of period. I often used to try to sit with his friend circle but i hardly got such occasions because i was not so much lucky. Anyhow whenever i got an occasion to reach his 'baithak' he used to stand with a smile to receive me. In urdu language this tendency is called " Khushakhlaqi" His most companions were well educated, successful businessmen and religious elders of any caste & creed.

 I pray to Almighty God to forgive his major and minor sins and grant him a high posion in Jannatul Firdaus ! Hazrat Imam Malik directing towards grave of our great Prophit often used to say, "Besides this Saheb e qabr nobody is able to accept his innocense" It meant that everybody may commit a mistake except prophets sent by Allah to spread humanity. I also pray to God ," If on any occasion i had hurted his feelings, Babuji forgive me and as a result of it my Lord Allahtaala forgive me and bless me out of a lot of his REHMAT and his generousity!

Ashkar Husain
Retd. Librarian
Govt. Degree College, Sambhal
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