There was a time when often i used to draw drinking water one or two pitchers for u people and used to supply it in ur homes and u people used to give me some dates against my labour..........." In fact, it was an occasion when Hazrat Umar bin Khattab R.A. the 2nd Caliph of Islam was reading khutba of Juma in Masjid e Nawabi. In the meantime, he interrupted Khutba and started to tell at once personal talks. After a while, he again continued to read his religious khutba. Since it was an example of a unique incident, muqtadies ( followers of an imam in offering namaz/ salah) started to look one another with astonishment. Anyhow, namaz was accomplished. After it few muqtadies dared to ask with Caliph as well as imam of momimineen," Ai Ameerulmomineen, let us know the reason that u were reading khutba as usual but all of a sudden udevotion interrupted it and started one of ur personal episode? H. Umar with an excuse ,"Actually i was reading with full devotion but suddenly such type of thought occupied my mind that i became victim of a proud which is very bad thing. Therefore i recalled those days when i had become a labourer to eke out my living. To tell such episode it worked like a 'tiryaq' (a medicine taken for removing adverse effect of a poison) Did u observe proud was a type of poison for the people fearing from God and loving to God !
Although i have not right to preach any person because neither i am a reliligigiuo
 religeous nor my personality is useful for worldly matters. I wanted to remind even religious and scientific men that after getting education, wealth or health they become proudy.                                                                           
Once more episode, Our dear Prophet H.Mohammad Mustafa S.A.W. was sitting somewhere alongwith some of his sahabas (Companions) By chance a lin and thin person passed beside them. His clothes were worn and torn  filled by dust. Our Aqa Alehissalam asked with his companions what ur thought is about him? Sahabas R.A. with carelessness replied. Our lord, he has no value in society. Even his witness has no weight in any court.         
His recommendation would have no effect e.t.c.  Our aqa only smiled and said nothing. After some time another person passed by them. He was riding on a costly horse. He was wearing clothes which were made of threads of gold and silver. His shoes were like any sultan the kalghi of his turban wwasvery high. Our RasoolAllah again asked with their companions, how would u evaluate this horseman? Now every sahabi was eager to praise that horseman. They told our lord our parents may be sacrificed on u, this man is sa great man. Only one witness had weight of 4-5 men of ordinary society. He has a prominent place in modern society.                     
Our aqa H.M.Mohammad SAW smiled once again and told the realiy of both men. He said that wordly men may praise as much as they want but Only Almighty God know the truth. In the eyes of God this horse man has nothing to count. While the former poorman has so many virtues to count them with interest. This was an evaluation in the eyes of God. But what about only worldly value of a man who may be an emperor king Maharaja Nawab and So called Zameendars? In India system of kingship has gone much far. Raja, Maharaja, Sultan Nawabs and Zameendars had been abolished about 70 yrs ago. Now only those persons who have some value by earning some wealth , health , education and speaking power may rise higher. Like this a valuable person may fall and fall if our Lord Almighty Allah wants only his downfall. Kindly therefore don't let proud develope in urself and please rely on only our ĶHALIQ and RABBULAALAMEEN. We will be nothing unless our Allah will not want to fullfil our wishes !

Ashkar Husain
Retd. Librarian
Govt. Degree College, Sambhal
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